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The ako webmail (army knowledge online) is actually a very secure intranet portal, which allows members of the armed forces to communicate with each other, to share information, and to have access to their files stored online. This is not like a regular email address which’s safety can be extremely easily compromised. With ako, you will have access to a secure connection, and all your personal data and files will be stored with utmost protection.

ako email

Setting up an AKO email is quite easy- all you need is a CAC (Common Access Card) issued by DoD which proves that you are part of the military (armed forces). You will find extremely easily online the AKO website, where you will be able to register and create yourself such a secured email. Then, you can transfer files, communicate with friends and colleagues or with your superiors. Also, there is a special chart solution available which allows you to talk in real time with other registered members.

ako email

The ako webmail solution is seen by all those who are registered are a very safe and convenient solution. You need to separate your business from your personal profiles online, and this can be easily done with AKO.

ako webmail

Ako email comes with plenty of features that you will find very helpful. The main mission of AKO was to organize perfectly the DoD information, and make it accessible to all those registered through secure connection. Register today to one of the world’s most secure online portals offered through AKO!

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